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Modern Warfare 3 Downloadable Content (DLC)

The DLC (Downloadable Content for MW3) was released over a nine month content season by Infinity Ward and Activision in 2012. Starting in January, new maps for the multiplayer modes were the first to be released, followed by Spec Ops missions that could be played solo offline or co-op online. Call of Duty Elite members got access to all DLC first, with Xbox 360 users getting it a month before PS3 players (as was the case for COD: Black Ops, due to an agreement with Microsoft). Around a month after Elite players, users on both platforms would get 3 months worth of content made available in packages. All of the MW3 DLC is listed right here, with screenshots for you to see the variations in maps.

Content Drops 24 to 26 - 2 Special Ops Missions, 1 New Game Mode

Chaos Mode

MW3 Chaos Mode Xbox 360
MW3 Chaos Mode PS3
MW3 Chaos Mode PC
MW3 Chaos Mode Screenshot

Think of the craziest Zombies or Survival game you've ever played in the Call of Duty series, now multiply that by ten and your probably half way there to working out what Chaos mode is. When you start up Chaos mode on some of the most popular maps in MW3 like Resistance or Dome, you're going to be facing never ending waves of enemies who are coming at you faster than before, with no down time to relax. What makes this enjoyable is the fact that the more enemies there are, the more you will want them to come at you because in Chaos Mode the aim of the game is to be wiping out the bad guys so fast your building up a multiplier of points, go for the highest number (upwards of 40 million) without dying and you'll top the Xbox Live or Playstation Network leaderboards.

Special Delivery

MW3 Special Delivery Map Xbox 360
MW3 Special Delivery Map PS3
MW3 Special Delivery Map PC
MW3 Special Delivery Map Screenshot

A rescue mission where you are delivered by helicopter. As you rescue more and more of your squad they will become vital allies in fighting your way out of the base, especially on veteran mode where just a few hits from an assault rifle will be absolutely lethal for you... and if you hide your going to waste a lot of valuable time as they close in. The best way to do this mission is accurate run-and-gun tactics with a few stops to take out the most heavily armed NPCs. If you're going co-op remember to stick together and use cover because in an open map like this you aren't going to get much time to do revives without the bullets continuing to fly in your direction.

Light Em Up

MW3 Light Em Up Map Xbox 360
MW3 Light Em Up Map PS3
MW3 Light Em Up Map PC
MW3 Light Em Up Map Screenshot

Another map based on the MW3 campaign mode, one of your squadmates has been taken hostage in Makarov's castle base and it's up to you to command a Little Bird as you go in, taking out as many of his henchmen as possible and rescue those trapped inside. On this map you'll be using a lot of Nightvision and you'll need to be good with the heavy weaponry at the start of the mission, be accurate with those grenades or on Veteran mode your going to be hitting the restart button an awful lot of times. As with some of the other maps in the Chaos Pack, there are Special Ops achievements and trophies to be earned on this mission, so head over to that page to see what you should be earning when blasting through this compound.

Content Drop 23 - 1 FREE Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Map


MW3 Terminal Map Xbox 360
MW3 Terminal Map PS3
MW3 Terminal Map PC
MW3 Terminal Map Screenshot

If you played a lot of MW2 then you will definitely remember one of the best objective maps the game contained, that's right we are talking about the one and only terminal. If your playing Domination on this map prepare to have some crazy leaps through the windows or close one on one firefights in the middle of the jumbo jet that has come in to land. Again this map really favours tactical play, you'll be wanting to gear up with a good amount of grenades and flashbangs to supress your enemy and most likely want a high-powered assault rifle to deal with the ranged encounters that are invevitably going to come your way, the MW3 Titles pick would be the ACR 6.8, it will deal out damage and flush out the opposing team from afar.

Content Drops 20 to 22 - 2 Multiplayer Maps, 1 Special Ops Mission


MW3 Vertigo Map Xbox 360
MW3 Vertigo Map PS3
MW3 Vertigo Map PC
MW3 Offshore Map Screenshot

The only Special Ops mission in the whole of MW3 that has it's own specific weapon created for it. In Vertigo you're going to be perched on top of the Oasis hotel from the last mission of the game, and your going to be shooting down helicopters with the 'Starstreak' which is very much like the Stinger with some of the features of the Reaper. If your playing through and looking to get some achievements then you will want to shoot down all of the helicopters in the entire mission, and do the obvious work of completing it on Standard and Veteran difficulties. Things you will want to watch out for include the Juggernaut dropping helicopter and the final wave of enemies just as you think you've got to the end.


MW3 Offshore Map Xbox 360
MW3 Offshore Map PS3
MW3 Offshore Map PC
MW3 Offshore Map Screenshot

Remember Wet Work from Modern Warfare 2? Remember running as fast as you could through the multi-layered oil rig in order to avoid a Juggernaut taking you out? Well you'll need to dig up all of the skills you used to take on that mission on veteran mode when it comes to Offshore, set on a crisis hit Oilrig in the middle of the ocean. In Survival mode you'll be looking to set up a stronghold area around the crates that you can call in support from, because when the choppers and attack dogs come you'll be needing the extra firepower. In Multiplayer, the best advice is to stay inside and fight close quarters because any good sniper will have set himself up well and have great views of the map to get their One Shot One Kill bonuses.


MW3 Decommission Map Xbox 360
MW3 Decommission Map PS3
MW3 Decommission Map PC
MW3 Decommission Map Screenshot

A pretty awesome map set in the African nation of Somalia, you'll find yourself in a boneyard style desert filled with rotting boat and tanker remains. Instead of the standard multiplayer fare of a deserted industrial landscape, this map actually shows that all of the boats have been turned into a shanty town by the local residents and you are going to have to fight your way through it if you want to live. In multiplayer, this map will have you running into enemies around corners extremely often, while also providing a lot of vertical action so you can supress the other team or even do some great sniping. In Survival mode, you'll be wanting to stay near roof cover because the helicopters in the later round will get deadly as more and more waves flank you from the outside of the map.

Content Drops 16 to 19 - 3 Face-off Maps, 1 Special Ops Mission


MW3 Intersection Map Xbox 360
MW3 Intersection Map PS3
MW3 Intersection Map PC
MW3 Intersection Map Screenshot

There will be no time for scoping the other team on this map set in New-York city, it's all about frantic run and gun action and you'll need to be on your feet as soon as the mission starts to flush out the other team and get into the vantage spots. If you are ever a bit bored and feel like checking for some of the easter eggs in the map, look in the theatre and along with the usual theme of MW3 funny moments, of course there is a teddy bear somewhere in there too. Taking place at the fictional corner between Schwarz Road and Fulton, if you're ever visiting New York this map will no doubt remind you of the large traffic junctions.


MW3 U-Turn Map Xbox 360
MW3 U-Turn Map PS3
MW3 U-Turn Map PC
MW3 U-Turn Map Screenshot

Based in Afghanistan, this map is set on a long highway that has a huge amount of destroyed vehicles on it. Again going with the close quarters battle style of the Face-Off game mode you will be looking to duck in and out of cover as you fight your way down the road in order to take out the opposing team. Things to watch out for mainly involve enemies strafing you or moving outside the road and creating pincer movements on your position. Sniping is an option on this map but due to the small size, you're more than likely going to find a knife ending up in your back if you stay scoped for too long. Your best bet on this map is to use one of MW3's best weapons, the MP-7 to get rid of your enemies fast and en-masse.


MW3 Vortex Map Xbox 360
MW3 Vortex Map PS3
MW3 Vortex Map PC
MW3 Vortex Map Screenshot

With a fantastic backdrop of a Midwestern farm during a Tornado (think of the film Twister), this Face-Off map will take you all the way back to the soulless grassed areas of the original Modern Warfare as you stalk your way through the close quarters map trying to wipe out your enemy. With easter eggs and ambushes galore, when you play on this map always check your door ways and grass as campers will find a lot of places to get you. Best weapons to use on this map are quick fire and accurate sub-machineguns such as the UMP, you'll also be helped if you have a load out that involves flashbangs and other stun weapons so you can clear out areas and run through.

Arctic Recon

MW3 Arctic Recon Map Xbox 360
MW3 Arctic Recon Map PS3
MW3 Arctic Recon Map PC
MW3 Arctic Recon Map Screenshot

Remember in Black Ops where you found the deserted tanker and ended up being betrayed with the poison gas? Well think back to that ship and the one from the Zombies mode and you will be getting close to what Arctic Recon involves. This special ops mission gives a twist though, you are controlling a multiplayer style recon drone with a mounted minigun and thermal sights and you have to designate beacons for explosives to blow up this wreck (the Kuvalda). There are 3 achievements available on this mission, for completing it on Standard Difficulty and Veteran, and completing it under 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Content Drops 9 to 15 - New Free Multiplayer Mode (Face-Off), 5 Maps, 2 Special Ops Missions


MW3 Lookout Map Xbox 360
MW3 Lookout Map PS3
MW3 Lookout Map PC
MW3 Lookout Map Screenshot

Set in Afghanistan and reminiscent of the recent Medal of Honour and COD4 maps, Lookout is set high in the mountains at a US army Forward Operating Base (the original map name was restrepo, which is a reference to a documentary about a very similar environment). This map is great for sniping and close engagements and those of you who like to get air support will have a good time on this map as there are a limited number of places to hide. One Man Army bags are dropped all around the Delta Force spawn and there are two functional miniguns on the map (with limited capabilites). The map did originally have bugs that allowed you to glitch outside of the playing area.


MW3 Getaway Map Xbox 360
MW3 Getaway Map PS3
MW3 Getaway Map PC
MW3 Getaway Map Screenshot

Set in the Beach house of a Brazilian drug cartel, this intense multiplayer map is well lit and features a range of interactive parts that will keep players on their toes as they conduct combat across multiple floors and some tight intense firefight bottle necks that will surely turn into a killzone quickly after the game has started. For newbies who pick up this map in their MW3 DLC, watch out for the fish tank and glass tables that can deal you damage (the fish tank won't shatter, but you can still get your head taken clean off through it, so be wary of that one, and if you are playing on hardcore mode the tables can kill you if you break enough of them). Just to let you know the boat off shore, SS Ackrich cannot be reached, so don't spend time trying to get to it, it will only get you killed.

Iron Clad

MW3 Iron Clad Map Xbox 360
MW3 Iron Clad Map PS3
MW3 Iron Clad Map PC
MW3 Iron Clad Map Screenshot

Another Spec Ops mission here, and another DLC which involves the two players going Co-Op on the mission to have different experiences (those of you who often play Veteran difficulty will know that this means if you die you have to restart the mission as the other team member can't revive you). One of the team members will begin in the tank operating the mounted minigun and turret (codename 'Pit Boss') and the other player must support them on ground with an M4A1 and SMAW explosives at certain points in the mission to continue progress. The mission is on the same map as the single player mission 'Goalpost' but backwards and features suicide bombers and multiple achievements as part of content collection number 2.

Kill Switch

MW3 Kill Switch Map Xbox 360
MW3 Kill Switch Map PS3
MW3 Kill Switch Map PC
MW3 Kill Switch Map Screenshot

A Spec Ops map that can be played as a mission or survival map, Kill Switch involves plowing through a ton of Russian enemies using your Scar/MP5 and Sniper Rifles to plant an EMP in a dockyard (as quite a few Spec Ops missions focus on in MW3, get to a site and then exfiltrate with a time limit). Nightvision and scopes will be used heavily in this map as you traverse the darkened night dealing with Juggernauts and Attack Helicopters. You and your co-op partner will be apart for a large amount of the mission until the Snipers Nest that a player is standing on is shot down towards the end and you join up to make your way towards the Zodiac escape boat. The SCAR weapons in this mission have longer draw times than the ones in multiplayer, and the mission also contains some of the MW3 DLC Achievements


MW3 Oasis Map Xbox 360
MW3 Oasis Map PS3
MW3 Oasis Map PC
MW3 Oasis Map Screenshot

The first paid multiplayer map of the 5th content drop for MW3, Oasis is set in an upscale bedouin hotel in Dubai and brings a new feature to the multiplayer mode of the latest COD game, the ability to do battle underwater. In previous maps there may have been puddles or small lakes to wade through, however in this map you can run through full bodies of water and continue doing battle. Another unique feature of this map is the sandstorm that looms to remove visibility from all players as it sweeps in and covers the buildings. With a lot of open areas, stairwells and other choke points.. expect the map to provide a lot of deaths unless you are working well as a team together, covering each other from height and providing pure firepower to stop the other team in their tracks as they attempt to progress.


MW3 Aground Map Xbox 360
MW3 Aground Map PS3
MW3 Aground Map PC
MW3 Aground Map Screenshot

The second of the free maps that were given to the public upon the launch of the Face-Off game mode, Aground is set around a large tanker or fishing boat that has run ashore on the rocky mountains of Scotland. A picturesque map that will remind you off the cliffside battles that many fans will have had in World at War, this map provides vantage points for snipers but also allows all of you CQB experts to get up close and personal as you can run through the insides of the ship and do battle in the darkened flooded vessle. Again, designed for 2v2 play so don't expert large tactical games to be going on in this game mode, but if you are looking to test your skills on a small team and show off what you can do it short snappy rounds eliminating other players, then Aground provides a perfect hunting ground for scoped assault rifles.


MW3 Erosion Map Xbox 360
MW3 Erosion Map PS3
MW3 Erosion Map PC
MW3 Erosion Map Screenshot

This is one of two maps released during the May drop by Activison and Infinity Ward for MW3 that are available to the public for free, not requiring any payment or subscription to Call of Duty Elite. The Erosion map features familiar designand buildings you may recognise, as it is set in Mediterranean ruins and features rat runs through aqueducts and using the remaining masonry that exists from these thousand year old buildings. As the new Face-Off mode was designed for 2v2 close quarters matches, this and the other maps in the game mode are smaller than your average MW3 mapsize (similar to the way the 'Cage Match' game-mode was played in COD4). The teams on this map are Inner Circle v SAS.

Content Drops 7 & 8 - 2 Multiplayer Maps (Sanctuary & Foundation)


MW3 Foundation Map Xbox 360
MW3 Foundation Map PS3
MW3 Foundation Map PC
MW3 Foundation Map Screenshot

Easily one of the favourite maps we have played here at MW3 Titles, Foundation is set in an abandoned oil refinery and not taken from any of the single-player scenarios in the game. Fans of Rust from MW2 and Pipeline from COD4 will enjoy the barren landscape and steel based structures that provide a wide variety of horizontal gameplay. Hazards on this map revolve around the open sky that will leave you very exposed to air support as you make your way towards the enemy objectives. If you communicate with your team via headset when playing, this map will cause you some problems as there is a large amount of ambient noise from machinery and buildings that can drown out teammates.


MW3 Sanctuary Map Xbox 360
MW3 Sanctuary Map PS3
MW3 Sanctuary Map PC
MW3 Sanctuary Map Screenshot

A beautiful map set in a Greek monastery in the mountains, this map will keep you on edge with a multitude of unique features including a wooden bridge over a chasm that will bring back memories of one of the best maps in the original Modern Warfare - 'Overgrown'. The map is great for sniping and CQB, but be careful that the scenery provides perfect hiding spots for campers. A number of easter eggs exist in this map, including the COD Elite logo, a teddy bear that can only be viewed in spectator mode and the ability to lie down in the cemetary and listen to voices of the dead mother and daughter from the London attack cut-scene in MW3 single player (Davis Family Vacation).

Content Drops 4, 5 & 6 - Multiplayer Map and 2 Spec Ops Missions (Black Box, Black Ice & Negotiator)


MW3 Negotiator Map Xbox 360
MW3 Negotiator Map PS3
MW3 Negotiator Map PC
MW3 Negotiator Map Screenshot

Taking place in the same shanty-town esque village that you drove an automated weapon through in the single player campaign of MW3, Negiotiator begins with you held hostage by the Russians. After sneaking up on a commando and taking his gun, you must take out a large number of enemies with the help of your starting AK-47 before they kill hostages (as per usual with Modern Warfare Spec Ops, the number of hostages saved will change the star rating you recieve upon completion). When playing Co-Op, an interesting dynamic means the second player has to be saved by the first, and may be executed if player one does not reach him in time at the beginning of the mission.

Black Ice

MW3 Black Ice Map Xbox 360
MW3 Black Ice Map PS3
MW3 Black Ice Map PC
MW3 Black Ice Map Screenshot

Following on from the Modern Warfare 2 snowmobile and shooting mechanic, Black Ice is a Special Ops mission which was designed for co-op play (you can only pay as the gunner if you are playing with a friend). Speeding down a snow covered mountain from the end of the game (Diamond Mine missions) you will descend the mountain and leave the snowmobile to be equipped with an ACR 6.8. Planting a DSM on a computer inside the mine triggers a self-destruct sequence that means you have to rush for the exit and onto a helicopter in order to complete the mission and recieve 3 stars on Veteran difficulty.

Black Box

MW3 Black Box Map Xbox 360
MW3 Black Box Map PS3
MW3 Black Box Map PC
MW3 Black Box Map Screenshot

When Air Force One crash lands in the middle of a hillside surrounded by houses, the close range gun battles and multi-level sniping will be rife on this map pack. Similar to one of the Spec Ops missions in MW3 in which you have to protect the Russian president's daughter, this map contains the inside of the plain and some neighbourhood areas that provide a wide range of battles to be had in different modes. The map is also playable in the Survival mode of Spec Ops with the starting load-out of a shotgun, five-seven, body armour and self revive.

Content Drop 3 - Multiplayer Map (Overwatch)


MW3 Overwatch Map Xbox 360
MW3 Overwatch Map PS3
MW3 Overwatch Map PC
MW3 Overwatch Map Screenshot

The easiest way to describe this MW3 map to anyone is to get them to think of Highrise from Modern Warfare 2. Set on an unfinished skyscraper in a city, this map provides a lot of exciting action and chances for players to accidentally die as they fall of girders and wooden boards which provide cut-throughs to different areas of the map. If you still haven't got the Pushin Daisies Title then you will get it quite easily just by playing a couple of games on this high velocity map. The best game modes on Overwatch are Domination, Kill Confirmed and Free-For-All.

Content Drops 1 & 2 - Multiplayer Maps (Liberation & Piazza)


MW3 Liberation Map PC
MW3 Liberation Map Xbox 360
MW3 Liberation Map PS3
MW3 Liberation Map Screenshot

Following one of the main flashpoints in the main single player story of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, the Liberation multiplayer map is set in Central Park, Manhattan in New York. The map was originally called Park and has been militarised for the game, with long lines of sights and turrets to aid snipers and those players who engage at long range. The map is open but also has rat runs for run and gun players who want to get up close. Along with Piazza, this was the first piece of DLC (Downloadable Content) made available for MW3 after it's release in 2011.


MW3 Piazza Map Screenshot
MW3 Piazza Map Xbox 360
MW3 Piazza Map PS3
MW3 Piazza Map PC
Set in a rustic Italian town on the coast, Piazza provides some draw dropping views and excellent architechtural work for those who are a fan of the more scenic maps in the Modern Warfare franchise (think of the surroundings on Favela in MW2 or the surroundings that went into Derail… and less about Nuketown). This map is great for modes such as Kill Confirmed and Team Deathmatch as it provides lots of chokepoints and close-quarters battle areas that don't really favour snipers or long range players. In game modes such as Domination, these players can find good shooting spots and overlook points, but if you want to have a good K/D on Piazza, you'll want to be moving quickly and putting enemies down silently.

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